To keep your dryer and washer in top working condition, you should keep your ears and eyes open for signs they might need some extra attention. Here are some of the signs that its time to contact a reputable washing machine repair service. There are several signs you can look for to get a jump on fixing a problem early.

1. Your Washing Machine or Dryer Are LOUD
All appliances make some noise, but you may need to service your washing machine and dryer if that noise is excessive. Sometimes banging and rumbling are caused by an imbalanced load, which you can correct by taking out some clothes and rearranging them. If noises persist, you could have a loose drum or motor mount that requires adjustment.

2. Your Dryer or Washing Machine Move
Is your washing machine or dryer moving around the room? If so, you might need some assistance. Your washing machine and dryer should remain in place when in operation. If they don’t, it could mean that they aren’t level or have some other issue. Appliances that move also risk breaking vital plumbing, venting connections, and electrical.

3. The Drum stop spinning or Doesn’t Turn
When your drum isn’t spinning, this is generally a problem with either the door/lid switch or the belt. While either can be fixed and replace, it’s not necessarily a simple task. This is something you’ll want to put in the hands of a professional.

4. You Have an Electrical Issue
If nothing happens when you push a button or, worse, you see sparks, it’s time to service your washing machine and dryer. Electrical issues are nothing to play around with and can even lead to damage to your home.

5. Your Appliances is Leaking
If you walk into your washing machine room and step into a puddle of water, it’s time to find a washing machine repair service as quickly as possible. A leaky washing machine could be caused by a loose connection or an overflowing tub. Another possibility is a crack in your washing machine.

6. Washing Machine Doesn’t Fill or Don’t Know What’s Wrong
If water isn’t filling your washing machine drum or there is still water in the drum after the cycle finishes, something is wrong. There might be a
kinked hose, clogged filter, broken pump, or some other blockage. An experienced appliance repair technician can help diagnose your issue. Maybe your appliances aren’t as efficient as they were in the past, or you simply have no idea what’s wrong with your washing machine or dryer. It’s better to be cautious and have a specialist take a look at your issue before the problem gets worse.

Unfortunately, not all appliance troubleshooting is enjoyable or simple. You may need the assistance of a well-experienced repair service to properly fix your equipment and diagnose. At Jascon Technical Services, we aim to be the best washing machine and dryer repair service in Delhi. We work all the working days and would be happy to service and diagnose your dryer and washing machine.