1.A problem in turning on the AC

Now, this is the first and in the top of your list when you face the problem with air-conditioning might be that you will turn on the AC and shows nothing on the system and hear nothing and feel nothing.It also could be the result of broken wiring, loose wires or might be a thermostat problem. As in summer, we face a lot of power cuts the lack of power could be something as a fuse or tripped circuit breaker, in short, which means to reset the circuit breaker or a replace a blown use.

2.Thermostat Issue

If a tech is laden around us to keep us cool in such summers, no one wants their thermostats to give up on them during summers which become so irritated in such weather and face problems. If it’s not working or incorrectly calibrated, it may not tell the air-conditioner to turn on. Which means now it is time to call a professional Ac technician who will likely have to replace the thermostat or repair it. In newest thermostats programmable are not easy to program as in dial type thermostats were more often to subject to calibration problems. One should always consult a appliances manual to make sure you have properly programmed your thermostat while troubleshooting.

3.AirConditioning Not Cooling or Are Not Cool-Low Refrigerant = Low Efficiency

Most Common Problem in Majority People faces in Summer. Working without AC which is not in working condition in a Room. It can be the AirConditioner gas leakage problem or no gas in System. In order to get fix such problems which means AC required service for the same. While Ac Issues uncovers and under-performing unit, that can be the result of low refrigerant. If the level of refrigerant is low, it usually means it was either it has a leak or uncharged at installation. If you Notice the air is sticky or Room is not cooling properly which means a low refrigerant level. The Right Refrigerant level humidity and heat can’t efficiently be removed from the air. You may need to replace the unit if multiple leaks are detected.

4.Drainage  Problem

Where does the Air Conditioner moisture remove from your AC go? It is designed to be removed from the space through a drain line into a pan and then is funneled into a drain. If your AC drain is clogged and water backups which starts overflows, and damage your system. The backup can cause water leaks that can damage your area and its contents. You do not want to overlook the drainage lines when exploring air conditioning issue tactics.

5.Condenser Problem

Don’t forget to look at the condenser coil. It is an important job to do and responsible for discharging heat removed from the air by releasing it outside of the building or on Roof of the Building. It is the part of your outdoor unit, which means it’s exposed to dirt, soot and assorted pollutants that make it grimy. If the coils are dirty, it will interfere with the transfer of heat and make your unit harder to work and add to the wear and tear on your system.

 6.Unexpected Noise From Unit(AC)

Suddenly when you hear some weird or unexpected noise from your running Ac when you turn on.It can affect your cooling system, noise can be from blower or compressor. Don’t Ignore as soon as possible call your professional Technicians who can resolve all these problems earliest as summers season has its own glory and importance to make your Airconditioner in fully working condition and want summer to be more relaxed call today At Jascon Technical Services @ 9312230353 for  Appliances Service.

Though air conditioning problem can be an asset to the smooth operation of your system, the air conditioning problems can be stopped before they start with a routine maintenance through professional Technicians with good experience and knowledge.